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Monster Hunter, Runbow, and Moon Hunters, Oh My! – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 8)


Show Notes

Hello everyone! This is the 8th episode show notes For Third Player Games Podcast! In this episode, Jeffers is still talking about PAX. Josh is attempting to continue his winning streak on What’s That Video Game. And Amy is trying to learn words. After a couple of serious episodes, we have a more lighthearted fact-filled show for you this week. The two indie games from PAX are called Moon Hunters, a co-op narrative rich game. The other game which is the complete opposite in gameplay is called Runbow. A fantastic laugh inducing multiplayer platformer side-scroller. It’s even more fun and hilarious than it sounds!


Meanwhile, Josh gives us news on, Minecraft? Amy, on the other hand, talks about the game called Contrast. She also gives us an update on the adopt a hunter discord for Monster Hunter! And don’t forget Third Player Games crew talks about the future of e-sports in the Olympics. Thanks for listening everyone and don’t forget to subscribe!


Jeffers’ Links:

Moon Hunters 




Josh’s Links:




A Hat in Time



Red Dead Redemption


Business Insider (e-sport olympics)


Amy’s Links:



Monster Hunter:World – Adopt a Hunter (Discord chat link included on their page)


Life is Strange “Farewell” Episode



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