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PAX South – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 7)

PAX South 2018

Welcome to Third Player Games Podcast and our 7th episode PAX South 2018! Early on in this episode, we announce the two winners of our Assassins Creed Origins giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone that entered and left us such positive reviews, we really appreciate it! In this episode we have plenty to talk about, Josh has some impressive donation numbers for the recent AGDQ charity! Not to mention Dark Souls remaster and Stardew Valley Multiplayer! Amy has given us a heads up about a great sale for a great game, Human Fall Flat! She also tells about how welcoming and positive the Monster World Hunter game community is on Discord.

Then, of course, we have Jeffers and the only thing he wants to talk about is his first ever gaming convention, PAX South! He’s got all the inside scoop on what PAX is really like, the good the bad and the entertaining. The best part is he was about to do some interviews with a few indie developers. Be on the lookout for Clusterpuck99, Shu, and Coffence! Make sure to check out everything he has to say about these impressive indie titles!

Amy’s Links:

Human: Fall Flat on Sale
Monster Hunter:World – Adopt a Hunter (Discord chat link included on their page)

Josh’s Links:

PS4 Beta

Concerned Ape’s Stardew Valley Tweet

AGDQ Donation Totals

DS1 Remaster YT video

Jeffers’ Links:

Videri String Quartet:




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Assassins Creed Origins Giveaway – Third Player Games Podcast (Ep. 6)


Hello! And welcome to our 6th episode and the 1st episode of 2018! We start this year off with an Assassins Creed Giveaway! That’s right we are giving away two copies of Assassins Creed Origins on PC! Josh, Jeffers & Amy also go over some interesting news! Such as a gaming speed run charity that has some awesome games you can watch! We also dive into the recent announcement of “gaming disorder.” The gang plays the first round of “What’s That Video Game” and we are keeping score the entire year! With the last segment of the show which will be rotating, the group discusses what’s okay to put in video games and how is that decided. Is there such a thing as too far? This episode was a bit more serious than past shows, but it still has plenty of laughs along the way. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


Contact Information & Links From Discussion

Gaming Disorder article- https://www.healthline.com/health-news/is-video-game-addiction-mental-health-issue#1

Purchase Human Fall Flat:

Joshua Llorente’s Overwatch Maps:

Purchase A Fine Mess:

Games Done Quick:
https://gamesdonequick.com/ – Game schedule –


Battlefront 2 (classic) patch: http://steamcommunity.com/games/6060/announcements/detail/1575563008267234937

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Episode 4 Preview – Christmas Edition

Every week we like to throw out some preview clips of our upcoming show, but shhhhhh we don’t want to give too much away!

In this episode, we throw out our normal segments and have some fun! There’s Christmas video game trivia! Some fun news that celebrates Doki Doki while also giving everyone a big heads up on the Steam winter sale, highlighting items that are amazing purchases under $5.00!!! At the end, we wrap up with Amy’s Christmas movie trivia game, but this one has consequences… Shots of spiked eggnog! Make sure to hit up our podcast locations where you can listen to our show with ease just about anywhere! Don’t forget to subscribe and give us a review, thanks for listening!